“Mihajlovic” is proud of Bologna, 9 games, close to Milan

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Bologna boss Sinisa Mihajlovic insists he is proud of the performance of his players. Who fought well with only 9 players left in the game against AC Milan

Bologna lost home to Milan with a 4-2 score in the Serie A game last night,

despite the “black devils”. Scored up to two goals before and had more players when Adama Sumaoro was sent off in the first half. But the hosts were able to equalize within the first 10 minutes of the second half,

however Bologna had only nine men left after Roberto Soriano was sent off by another. And keep the score until Ismael Bennacer scored a beautiful goal for Milan to take the lead again before Zlatan Ibrahimovic scored another goal and finished the game with a score of 4-2

Mihajlovic insists that he is proud of the team’s performance. Despite the disappointment of the result and the ending of the game empty-handed

“I’m not angry at all,” he said. ufabet.

“I hope the game ends like that. But I don’t want to talk about the referee any more. My team was strong enough to equalize, then two strokes left us with nine when we should have won. Without Bennacer’s amazing goal we would have done it.

“We did better than Milan. The players should be proud of what they did tonight. We didn’t score back home. But everything that happened, it felt as though we had won. I have seen the spirit, the courage and everything that makes the team strong.

I don’t know how this game will end.”