Check the symptoms of “sunburn” and how to take care

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Check the symptoms of “sunburn” and how to take care and restore the skin after sun exposure.

It is well known that the sun in Thailand is not only hot enough to burn your skin. Being in the sun for a long time, especially playing Songkran water or going to the beach It can cause sunburn. What are the symptoms? can it be treated

The “strength of sunlight” or UV Index of Thailand is currently in a very high range. With an average of about 11-12, causing the risk of sunburn, darkening of the skin if you have to do outdoor activities for a long time Dermatologist and beauty specialist Representatives from the UFABET. How to take care of your skin. After sun exposure to restore sunburn as follows.

“Sunlight is essential for daily life. But if exposed to too much sunlight or for more than 15 minutes, the UV rays in sunlight can destroy the body’s immune system. Including the skin, eyes and causing skin cancer. The sunlight causes the following effects. Tanning can be divided into two levels: Immediate Pigment Darkening (IPD) and Delayed Tanning (DT). after the skin is exposed to sunlight which can be cured spontaneously.”


Sunburn is an inflammation of the outer layer of the skin caused by UVA and UVB (UVB) damage, causing the following symptoms:

  • red, burning, irritated skin
  • have a fever
  • Chills
  • squeamish
  • headache
  • tired

However, sunburn symptoms appear about 2-6 hours after sun exposure. In some cases, symptoms may appear after only 30 minutes of sun exposure. The severity of sunburn depends on factors such as skin condition, intensity level of sunlight and the amount of time the skin is exposed to sunlight which will have different symptoms Can be divided into 3 levels:

1st degree, mild sunburn:

The skin will have redness. In some cases, there may be slight pain. after some time The skin on the sunburned area will peel. due to the skin cell renewal process

2nd degree, moderate sunburn:

The skin will have burning, burning, itching, some may have swelling, redness, pain, including dark skin.

Grade 3 Severe Sunburn:

The skin will be severely sunburned. have a burning pain Water blisters with itching And may lead to heat exhaustion and heat stroke, especially with children and the elderly

Normally, our skin has a mechanism to protect the skin from sunlight. It creates skin pigment or melanin (Melanin), making the skin reddish brown to black. acts as a light filter Helps protect skin from sunlight and UV rays. The body can produce more or less melanin depending on heredity. People whose skin produces less melanin or people with fair skin When exposed to sunlight, the skin may burn more easily than people who produce more melanin or people with darker skin. The amount of time it takes for a sunburn to heal depends on the severity of the condition, as follows:

  1. Mild degree: pain and redness subsides within 3-5 days. Skin peeling may occur during the final days. Due to the exfoliation of skin cells to create new skin cells to replace.
  2. Moderate Severity: Pain, swelling, redness, and burning to the touch is still present. It takes about a week for the skin to return to its normal state. And the skin may peel after about 2-3 days of healing.
  3. Severe: persists with severe redness, burning, and blistering (second degree sunburn), requiring treatment for more than 2 weeks until the skin condition is restored to normal depending on the individual’s skin condition.