Include solution initial problem. Mobile phone charging very slowly 

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Include a solution to the initial problem. Mobile phone charging very slowly or hardly charging at all.

Mobile phone charging very slowly or hardly charging at all. Indicates a malfunction. That must prepared to pay for repairs. but may try to fix the basics as follows first so UFABET. That it may be able to charge And extend the life of some spare parts, for example, the charging part of a mobile phone or a pair of charging cables in cheap mobile phones. If frequently charged, it is likely that this circuit will damage quickly and will break quickly.

Frequent charging when the battery level is 50% or more will extend the battery life. But may cause the charging circuit or the charging ass or the charging cable to break faster, the symptoms will begin to show in a way that charging starts to have problems, such as not charging or sometimes very slow. like this machine Started charging at 68% at 16:03, got 74% at 17:01, took almost an hour, only 6% charged.

What caused this problem?

From the experience of using many mobile phones and using it for a long time, the battery drains quickly. need to charge often It will cause the battery charging circuit to deteriorate quickly and break down quickly. In addition, there will be problems in some mobile phones. That will last when it’s time, like 3 ASUS mobile phones that have use in the past. There will be similar food. When it’s about 3-4 years or more, the charging circuit will begin to have problems, can’t charge or can be done very slowly. Indicating that it’s time to change the charging circuit.

Can charge with computer or notebook

If you have a computer or notebook, try charging it with a computer or notebook instead of using the charger that came with the device.

Use a mobile charger that produces the least amount of power.

Get to know different types of chargers first.

Each type of mobile charger outputs different amounts of power. Depending on the size of the battery capacity of that device Example
1. Small mobile phone, low capacity battery About or close to 1500 mAh may only supply about 0.5 A or 500 mA of power. This charging head belongs to the smallest True mobile phone.

2. A mobile phone with a battery capacity of about or near 2000 mAh may output about 1 A or 1000 mA. This charger is an example of an iPhone 7.

3. A cell phone with a battery capacity of about or close to 3000 mAh may output about 2 A, for example, an Oppo charger.

4. Mobile phones or tablets that use high-capacity batteries of more than 3000 mAh will supply more power, such as 2.5 A for Techlast tablets, 6000 mAh batteries.

Solutions for very slow charging phones

When the mobile phone is charging very slowly Or can’t charge, easy to fix
1. Change the size of the charger head. Choose a charger that can charged less like this Oppo mobile phone uses a 2A power supply charger That comes with the device. In the period of almost 1 hour, only 6% was charge.