‘Conte’ warns that waiting will create difficult work for everyone.

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Antonio Conte, the outstanding manager Insist on studying the world of football to constantly develop yourself. Ready to send a warning to everyone. Prepare to face a difficult task when he returns to the industry.

Conte parted ways with Tottenham Hotspur in March. And now he is still in the state of being unemployed. Last week, reports surfaced that he rejected an approach from Napoli, the former Serie A champions. The

former Chelsea head coach wrote on IG explaining that he wanted to spend time with his family before accepting a new job. And last Saturday, he gave an interview to the media himself. While attending an event for http://ufabet999.com

“Right now I’m off work. To spend more time with myself and my family,” the 54-year-old manager began.

“It’s for lifestyle reasons. I am well aware of the media reports. But now I feel the need to devote more time to my growing daughter.

“At the same time, I continue to learn. To study changes in the world of football and understand new things in the industry.”

“I will be more ready than ever. For dealing with challenges at the top level And when I return to the industry It will be difficult for everyone.”

Conte was asked which club he would like to join next. To which the 4-time Italian league champion coach gave the answer and made a slight reference to his former team

: “In the future, I would like to manage a team that just won the championship… When I took the job at Chelsea, they were seventh, just like they were at Juventus.”