‘Dyche’ slams Pao for lack of standards, orders DCL to be fired

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Everton manager Sean Dyche criticizes referees and VAR for watching slow-motion footage of the decision being lacking in standards. Ready to question the timing of Dominic Calvert-Lewin Received a red card during a 0-0 draw with Crystal Palace in the FA Cup, the

biggest football cup in England. The first match of the third round ended scoreless, but there was still drama in the final 10 minutes. Calvert-Lewin tracked down the ball and slid at Nathaniel Clyne, the opposing full-back,

even though the 26-year-old striker used Can groin the ball But the studs still touched until Klein fell to the ground. At first, Chris Kavanagh didn’t even give out a yellow card on the field. But I went to look at the screen on the sidelines. then raise the level to red ยูฟ่าเบท

“Slow motion pictures It makes us see things that are different from reality,” Dyche said in an interview after the match at Selhurst Park.

“If you use images like that to judge. The same must be done in every case. Like today, they should have looked at Beto’s timing. He should have gotten a penalty. “

Beto was clearly connected by Andersen’s arm. He also hit him with his body until he fell to the ground. But there was no penalty ′′ ′

′ In the end, it was a little touch. The referee on the field didn’t even sound anything at first. But everyone knows better when it’s in slow motion. Everything will look worse.”

Dyche was asked if the club would appeal the key striker’s three-match ban. “I don’t know what the appeal process is. We have to go back and consider it for sure.”

On the side of Roy Hodgson, the rival coach. Was also asked about the problem situation. But the former Liverpool boss clearly denied the decision.

“I am sure there will be many former players. Saw this moment and said it wasn’t a red card.”

“At the same time, the people who are currently playing I would say it was a red card because of the way Calvert-Lewin Use it to open the button and dive straight into your opponent’s legs. “

This game had a lot of contact. Overall, I thought the referee called this game pretty well, but Calvert-Lewin was unlucky because it wasn’t a brutal foul. Not at all.”

“Today, I don’t know how well I understand judgment. I won’t say Calvert-Lewin Should or should not be red? Because that is the problem with modern football.”