“Foden” enjoys playing a striker – believes that day would have a hat-trick

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Phil foden on the offensive line, a fan of Manchester City happy with his new position to move up the center’s front . intermediaries and believe that the other day he made a hat-trick.

Was 21 years old. The team’s manager Pep Guardiola switched to playing as the center forward of the 4-3-3 plan again and continued to do a great job with 2 shots, 1 pay, helping the team to attack. Beat Brighton 4-1

“I like to play here. I can come down to the ball low and run to find a hole. It’s my new position but I can say I’m enjoying it a lot,” Foden told Sky Sports after the

game. I sometimes above normal game, they articulate a 1-to-1, so I had to drop down to a lower bit, which I think we have a number of people have “

Foden is undoubtedly a creative player. His assists during open play metric, when adjusted to per-90 minutes to counter his relative lack of game time, is 0.26 per match, which can only be bettered by Kevin De Bruyne (0.58) for City in the Premier League this season.

” We’re showing good form but we are. I just want to move forward in the next game and maintain this level.”

“If it was any other game I would have scored three goals, but the most important thing is the result and I’m very happy that we did today.”