“Guardiola” slapped a reporter after asking about the target striker.

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Manchester City manager Pep Guardiola has responded to journalists’ irony questions after being asked about the striker in the squad.

Premier League last Saturday night “The Blues” Raiders of the Avalanche’s 4-1 Brighton by them from the firing of Mikhail Gundogan, a folder (2) and Riyadh Mahmoud race

this season, City have been seen. Problems in the position of the target striker After they failed to grab Harry Kane from Tottenham Hotspur,

however, after the fluidity of the attack and the results of their goalscoring in the past. Make a journalist from ufabet asked the Spanish coach said his team might not want to center the target or not

before than Guardiola will answer, “Sky … I want to tell you something”

. ” One day we’ll lose and you’ll ask me -Need a striker?- I bet you (smiles). I’m not answering that question.”

There have been several calls to arms for the supporters from Guardiola since – usually in the Champions League

but he has also pitched himself as the chief defender of the club from their critics on many occasions.

City have scored 20 goals in nine games in the Premier League this season, second only to Chelsea and Liverpool, while 37 goals in all competitions.