Inter target Arsenal after failing sign Lukaku

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Inter target Arsenal after failing to sign Lukaku

Inter Milan are targeting Arsenal striker Folarin Balogan after Chelsea’s signing of Romelu Lukaku failed.

Reports from สมัคร ufabet indicate that Inter Milan have changed their target in chasing a new striker from the original Romelu Lukaku from Chelsea to Folarin Balogun. Arsenal were runners-up in the Premier League this summer.

The Python team wants to bring the Blues striker back together after being a key force in helping the team win the Kaloch Serie A two years ago. But it is expecte that the players will choose to move to United. Their rivals, Ventus, forced them to look for a replacement in the transfer market.

That makes Folarin Balokan’s name a new target for Inter. After he net 22 goals for Rennes in Ligue 1 on loan last season and is expecte to run out of space. In Mikel Arto’s first team next season

The 22-year-old made just 10 appearances for Arsenal before going out on loan and has now become a target for Inter Milan. However, the Nerazzurri team also has other strikers on the list to consider as well. Whether it’s the spearhead of Spezia like Mbala Nzola, Alvaro Morata of Atletico Madrid and Mehdi Terami of Porto.