‘Mount’ received a great moment after hitting a hat-trick for Chelsea

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Mason, Mount said, trying to push myself to shoot in this game and delighted with the shaking of a hat-trick, the first for himself after helping Chelsea Yum big Norwich City,

England midfielder fired a shot. Opened the groove before adding a late double as Chelsea defeated Norwich, the bottom of the table in a mess 7-0.

This is the first time Mount has scored more than one goal in a single game for the “Blues” plus him. also assisted teammates to score goals

He is aiming to score nine more goals than last season’s run, but this season has yet to find a goal before the game against Norwich,

giving the 22-year-old a delight to score. Once and said it was a special feeling

to score a hat-trick at Stamford Bridge . And I think this is the first time I’ve scored more than one goal against Chelsea.”

“Hit-trick at Stamford Bridge was a huge moment for me, something very special,” he

said. And I think if there will be a game where everything is locked, it will be this one.”

Talking about the chance to get a new penalty, Mount replied: “Today was lucky for me but not just me. , It’s the same for the team.”

“We did well from the beginning and that was the whole game. We took the lead in the second half, but our standards didn’t drop.”