‘Oba’ admits having problems with ‘Arteta’ leading to gun farewell

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Pierre-Emerick-Aubameyang He revealed he had a problem with Arsenal manager Mikel Arteta that led to his retirement and joining Barcelona, ​​the

32-year-old signed a contract with Barcelona this week. After this, he agreed to terminate his contract with Arsenal to make way for a free transfer. The ufabet report.

The Gabon international striker hasn’t played for the Gunners since December. Because he made a disciplinary mistake, returned from abroad later than scheduled.

Arteta decided to arrest Aubameyang Dong Yao since the incident. including sending him to solo practice and dismissing him as the captain of the team.

“My last months at Arsenal were not easy. Sometimes football is like that,” Aubameyang told Barca’s debut.

“For my part, I never wanted to do anything wrong. My problem is only with Arteta, I can’t say more,

“It’s just him and he’s the one making the decisions. He’s not happy, I can’t tell you more. He’s not very happy, I’m calm. My problem is only with Arteta, I can’t say more

Football is like this. I never want to do anything wrong, it’s in the past and I want to think about what’s going on in the present

. Get it in 2023 and come with a release clause of 100 million euros.