Odoi has turned down the chance to flag the Under-21s good effect on lion

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Chelsea boss Thomas Tuchel believes Callum Hudson- Odoi is decision to turn down England Under-21s. 

Will have a positive effect on the club But warned the team.

May have to face the consequences.
That will be followed by England’s national team manager Gareth Southgate. 

Revealed that Hudson-Odoi decided to stay training with Chelsea during the national team program. 

To be committed to maintaining. The form of playing in the real team.

The national team boss questioned the decision of Odoi. “He has the opportunity to impress at the club if he comes to England Under-21s,” but Tuchel believes this will benefit Chelsea.

“I wasn’t in this conversation. But he realized that there was a conversation between the Federation and Callum. And I think it’s all down to Peter at (technical consultant for Chelsea’s) participation in it, “said Michael Hansen

“I’m happy with this I’m not interested.

in getting involved until. I need to know the exact reason why.”

“If Callum is here We will fully control what he can do. It’s good for us

. You can see it in the game with his performance. I felt that he was very focused. He had been waiting for this opportunity for a very long time. And now that opportunity has arrived “

,” The best reaction from him is to move forward and show the consistency we need from him out to see “

The 20-year-old star has praised the club. But he may have to accept the criticism that will follow in the future with his decision to reject the national team this time

. Not everyone will be happy”

” You asked Callum about this. He probably had a good reason why. For him it was a personal matter. It’s better to live and fight for the real you. It’s very easy for an outsider to judge someone. Even though the truth should be heard from both sides first.”

“If there are consequences, I’m sure Kamlum is ready to accept the consequences.”