“Potter” is proud of the team showing good form even after losing the boat.

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Brighton’s boss, Graham Potter. Pleased with the team despite being a party at home, losing to Manchester City game

“The Seagull” in good form since the start of the season losing to just misses. “The Blues”, the old champion in the home of the 4-1, but in the second half they showed good form and dominated the game over their opponents until they had a chance to win many times. The team’s coach, Potter, was pleased with that.

Brighton boss Graham Potter said his first instinct was that goalkeeper Robert Sanchez was fouled for Manchester City’s opening goal in their 4-1 defeat at the Amex on Saturday night. ufabet

“It’s an amazing form of play. I’m very proud of my team. They play with a team of top-deserved victory, but also a dedicated everything, “Potter told Sky Sports after the game

:” Obviously it’s disappointing to lose. We have to say that Manchester City did better but our performance is something we are really proud of.”

“We conceded an easy goal. From the first ball to a competitor of this quality, it became difficult. We make several mistakes and penalties, but the players do not come to regret, and Moore played well until the 85th minute, “

” We played well but we’ve exhausted a lot from this game. “