‘Rafa’ admits that it’s difficult to explain

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Rafa Benitez, Everton manager I do not know how to explain the shock incident, leading 2-1 was shot over four goals in a row until the end of the game until a 5-2 defeat against Watford, admitting that the team’s management during the lead was not good. And mistakes over and over again

The home side led 2-1 until conceding four times in the final 12 minutes with thousands of Blues leaving early with those who stayed venting their frustration.

‘We were in a good position. As a group we have to take accountability. It is not acceptable,’ Rafa said , who had set up the opening goal for Tom Davies after only 130 seconds. Rafa said on ufabet

“I think it’s hard to explain when you are winning 2-1 but lost four goals in a matter of minutes. We have to understand how to manage the game. Especially managing to be a winner,” Benitez said after the game.

“We conceded four goals in a matter of minutes. Normally, you can not do that in the Premier League, “

“When the second goal. It’s time to tighten the space and organize it better. But we make mistakes time and time again. It’s really hard to explain.”

“We have to be better. Especially when you’re on the control game.”