Rivaldo urges “Rafinha” to move to the Swans to upgrade himself.

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Rivaldo, the legend of the Brazilian national team Suggested that young players like Rafinha move to Liverpool to enhance his football career. The 24-year-old

midfielder moved from Rennes when joining Leeds United last summer. With a cost of 17 million pounds and showing good form until the interest of many teams in the league. Especially with the “Reds” that have previously been confirmed by agents that there is a real interest.

Most recently, it was a senior national team such as Rivaldo, who came out to advise on the transfer of this team, saying,

“Rafinha performed very well in his debut match against Brazil. But he’s already starting to shine in the Premier League with Leeds United and there’s been rumors of interest from Liverpool,” Rivaldo told ufabet

“If he actually chooses to move, it may not always be a real person. But I am sure it will enhance his career as it will allow him to play in the Champions League and play in the Champions League. Which is an important factor in being called up to the Brazilian national team as well.

“He has enough quality to play for a bigger club. He is playing great and the players need more and more challenges. So he will benefit from the transfer.”