Salah opens up for the first time The prospect of contract with Liverpool

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Liverpool winger Mohamed Salah has spoken out for the first time on the situation of signing a new contract by himself. After many rumors have become a hot topic in the football industry for several months.

“As for the renewal of the contract that is being talked about a lot right now, to be honest, it doesn’t depend on me at all. And we are considering the details as everyone knows,” Salah told Sky Sports.

“If you ask about your personal feelings I dare say again that I want to stay with Liverpool until the day of retirement. But since every decision is not in my hands. So I can’t say more.”

“So who has the right to decide? Of course, it’s Liverpool FC. Their needs are number one priority. The agent and I are only responsible for listening and considering.”

“However I don’t see myself being able to go into another team’s kit and fight Liverpool in the future and if that does happen I will be very sad.”

“Can you imagine if I had to come back against Liverpool how difficult it would be? This is very sad for everyone, so I don’t want to talk about such a bad situation again, but in the future, no one knows what will happen. So let’s wait and see the results of it together.”