‘Sir Jim’ closes deal to buy 25% of ‘Ghost’ shares

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Daily Mail reports Sir Jim Ratcliffe is the richest Englishman in the world. Preparing to close a deal to buy 25 percent of Manchester United’s shares after Sheikh Yassim, a rival from Qatar, withdrew. British media predicted

that Ratcliffe ‘s deal would be approved. It’s official. During the meeting of the executive board. Within the coming week,

Ratcliffe, who is an avid “Red Devils” football fan, made an offer to buy a majority stake. However, the deal needs to be restructure. After failing to reach an agreement with the Glazer family, who were demanding £6 billion. สมัคร ufabet

While that figure meet does not meet the £6bn valuation. That the Glazers were initially think to have been seeking. It has ultimately prove big enough to get a deal done.

Ratcliffe’s new offer reduces the number of shares he is asking for by a quarter, valuing him at around £1.5 billion. continue to hold the majority of shares That was an important factor in the two sides reaching an agreement in the end.

Ratcliffe was rich in the chemical business. Already has a club in possession, namely Nice, a famous Ligue 1 team, and his INEOS investment group has always shown clarity. that the final goal is to have full management power at United,

The Guardian and The Times, two other news agencies within the country The report confirms the same direction.