‘Southgate’ angry with Lions good enough to win the World Cup

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Gareth Southgate, England manager show confidence that His team is capable enough to win the 2022 World Cup.

The “roaring lions” have more and more confidence. After doing good work over the years Starting from reaching the 2018 World Cup semi-finals and the Euro 2020 finals

, Southgate said: “We have spoken to the team this week that If we can qualify for the playoffs We were able to go through to the finals and we could if we got to the finals. We can win.”

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“But doing that is very difficult. And we have to make it as close to perfect as possible.”

“This was a challenge for us. It’s not just when we go to Qatar. But we’ve been in the right state since before. This is something we need to work together every day to keep going.” the ufabet report

“We know that we have had consistent performances for the last three or four years, we are one of the teams. So I think very few teams can win this tournament.”