Trent Alexander-Arnold goals with Liverpool next season

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Trent Alexander-Arnold goals with Liverpool next season

Trent Alexander-Arnold hopes Liverpool perform better than last year. New playing position that improves form desired goal. Report from

Trent Alexander-Arnold The attacking right-back of Liverpool , the English Premier League club, admits that it is absolutely necessary for the “Reds” to perform better than last year. And must get as close to the word “perfect” as possible to get closer to the champions like Manchester City

In the past season, the team of German trainer Jurgen Klopp. Made a disappointing performance by finishing 5th in the table. Which only allowed them to play in the small European cup, the Europa League , and was 22 points behind Manchester City by as much as 22 points.

The 24-year-old England star said: “I think as a club. We need to be honest, you know, we respect every race we play. But if you asked us last year, Do we want to finish fifth? We would all say no and will say the same again now.”

“Do we want to finish fifth next season? No, we want to win the league. we need a challenge and win the league championship And has participated in the UEFA Champions League, so not being at that point next season It was disappointing.”

“We know how to win the league. We know how to challenge Man City and used to fight fiercely with them. And you have to be almost perfect all season long. That is what we have to do.”

To get closer to ‘perfect’, Liverpool must urgently improve their away form. In order not to be the same as last year, where the partisan “Reds” lost to a team like Unbelievable Wolverhampton Wanderers and Bournemouth.

Alexander-Arnold explains, “It’s consistency. throughout the season We had good results against big teams. But we dropped points especially away games, so those are the things. Something that we all naturally think we have to fix.”

At the same time, the personal work of Alexander-Arnold The second half of the season was absolutely brilliant. Having moved from right-back to a higher position in an inverted full-back role , he has been more involved in the game.

 Alexander-Arnold has also been assigned by England coach Gareth Southgate to play in a central midfield role for their Euro 2024 qualifiers against Malta and Macedonia . Discussion has done impressive work.

  Alexander-Arnold said: “It was not my decision. I only play where I was told to play, so you know all I can say is, I enjoy playing football I enjoy playing right-back. I really enjoy playing on the field.”

“It’s an area where I feel happy. And I enjoy the challenge, so you know I’ll enjoy playing in that position next season. But it’s not my decision where to play.”

In returning to pre-season training at Liverpool, Alexander-Arnold Will meet new team-mates Alexis McAllister and Dominic Soboslai, who he describes as both of them dream players. due to ability and excellent footwork

Alexander-Arnold said, “In general, I really like them, you know, I enjoy being with the team, traveling, staying in hotels and camping together. because it binds you and getting to know each other better.”

“You get closer. And everyone is working hard for the season ahead. And that’s exciting. Because no one knows how it will end. You have to put in the work in hopes of getting the best out of it. And make sure you get everything you set out to do.”