‘Winks’ disappointed to play less But still don’t think about moving the team

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Tottenham Hotspur’s England midfielder Harry Winks insists he wants more playing time. After the opportunity in the Golden Spikes Chicken team is limited. 

The 25-year-old has endured 18 months of disappointment after being ignored by both Jose Mourinho and Nuno Espirito Santo, rarely giving him a chance. Enter the field for real In the Premier League this season, he had a chance on the pitch just 61 minutes,

“Listen, I love the Spurs, I said it clear all along. But at the same time I also want to play football. I want to continue playing as the mainstay,” Winks said after the 1-0 defeat to Vitesse in the Europa Conference League.

“The only way to play football at its best is to gain momentum. From playing regularly, listen, I’m giving my best for the club. That’s me.”

“They cling to me, I cling to them. I want to play for Spurs. But there are obstacles to the opportunities given here. Confidence decreases when you don’t play often. It’s an obstacle

. Let’s wait and see.”

“There is still a long way to go. There are still two months to go, try to work as hard as you can and you won’t regret

it. Don’t let this later bother me.”